"Save the Book"

Currently, I am unpublished. However, when I do get published, I promise to plant one tree for every 50 books (Paper, not Ebook) that are sold. Danielle, my ‘editor’, also promises to plant one tree for every 50 books sold.


The publishing industry is changing. More and more Ebooks are being sold than their paper counterparts. This saddens me. I love the idea of the book, the paper feel under my fingers, and the crinkling sound of each page turn. I want to save the good old paper book from becoming extinct. Help me “Save the Book”.

How Can You Help?

So, for my “Save the Book” Project, for every 600 books sold, 41 trees will be planted. You can help by buying the paper version of my book rather than the digital version. You can also go Here, and click for free, to help preserve the Rainforest. For the more outgoing people, comment below and make a pledge to plant 1 tree per however many books I sell. I will add your name to the list!

All Pledges:

B.S. Meyers: 1 Tree per 50 Books — Danielle D’Agostino: 1 Tree per 50 Books — Daniel Felix: 1 Tree per 75 Books — CJ Atene: 1 Tree per 200 Books — Shannon Sweeney: 1 Tree per 100 Books — (Comment and pledge to see your name here!)

Total: 41 Trees for every 600 Books!


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