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If you wish to be my friend on Facebook I apologize, but my Facebook is only for friends. I do have a Facebook fan page though! Fan Page

If you’re a literary agent looking for new authors, you can email me at: BSMeyers [at] gmail [dot] com (I write Science Fiction with a bit of Fantasy mixed in. Here’s a Peek at the beginning of my novel!)

In addition, you can leave a comment below with anything you wish to let me know.


3 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Liz says:

    Dear ‘B.S MEYERS’ why not put your book on our site you can still try to get published in the traditional way, while it is out there for the public to see. Please send me an e-mail on the above address or if you like we can have a chat on the phone.

    Good Luck
    Kind Regards

  2. CAT says:

    Hello 🙂 I’m not a publishing agent, but I -am- the admin to a writing club. I looked through your site, and I think it’s great. Would you like to post some of your work on our site? I’m sure our members would love it! If you want, we could also swap links to each other’s sites.

    Here’s our blog link:

    Aaaand here’s our forum link:

    • B.S. Meyers says:

      I like the idea, but I’m finding it difficult to navigate your blog/forums. I haven’t found any writing pieces on there… Or I’m just tired and don’t know how to scroll 😛

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