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“We are Kings”

I am king of the white seas and the fields of wheat, great trees and cherry. I fight because by honor I am forced to protect the weak and tell the story. I am king of the black fleas and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Peter’s Angel

Once again I’ve been fortunate enough to read a pre-release copy of one of Aubrey Hansen’s books! I had the opportunity to beta read the novel, so the intent was to re-read and post this review when the book was … Continue reading

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Over-Explaining Cons

I’ve done a post about over-explaining ideas and objects before, but I feel the concept needs revisiting. I’ve been reading The Alchemyst by Michael Scott and there’s quite a bit of references in the novel to ancient legends and myths that are … Continue reading

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Silent Lightning

Alone in the shadows of the moon’s glow, nighttime has fallen and the stars won’t show. Silent Lightning, in the air, flickering, lighting the dark of Mother Nature’s eye. Silent Lightning is showcasing the sky. There’s no thunder and no … Continue reading

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Does Reading Affect Writing?

This is an old question, and it’s a complicated question: Does reading affect writing?; Does reading make you a better writer? As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t made a lot of original posts recently: I’ve mostly been reviewing books. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rumbling Heart

“…life, regardless of my participation, was going to happen whether I liked it or not.” When I read a book, I always find the plot and the characters to be interesting. I like the story and the ideas that the … Continue reading

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Books vs. Movies

Alright, here’s my policy: If at all possible, watch the movie before reading the book. Why? Because the movie is almost always a let down after you’ve read the book. By watching the movie first, I can enjoy it as … Continue reading

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