Silent Lightning

Alone in the shadows of the moon’s glow,
nighttime has fallen and the stars won’t show.
Silent Lightning, in the air, flickering,
lighting the dark of Mother Nature’s eye.
Silent Lightning is showcasing the sky.

There’s no thunder and no rain; only lightning,
and it’s so beautiful and never fright’ning.
The Earth, the Sky, reaching toward each other,
grabbing with arms of pure electricity,
greeting old friends with simple complicity.

An old, ancient handshake returns in the middle,
releasing serene rain; it’s so warm and little.
The Earth and Sky comfort each other from the night,
with love as old as thousands of millenia;
showcasing the sky, nature’s equilibria.

Awake in the night I’m watching the stars,
and dreaming of a future far, oh so fars:
So vast and so bright and not so far from today.
The scene from the window is so, so enlightening.
Nature’s poetry is very clearly Silent Lightning.
(c) 2012 by B.S. Meyers

Okay, this is another one of my weirdly formatted poems. Each line in the first stanza has 10 syllables, each one in the second has 11 syllables, and each one in the third has 12 syllables. In the last stanza, the first line has 10 syllables, the second has 11, the third has 12, the fourth has 13 and the fifth has 14.

Don’t ask me why the format is so odd, that’s just how my poetry always ends up.

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