Book Review: Rumbling Heart

“…life, regardless of my participation, was going to happen whether I liked it or not.”

When I read a book, I always find the plot and the characters to be interesting. I like the story and the ideas that the author had, but most of the time I feel like something is missing. That was not the case with Rumbling Heart by Richard Allen. This novel offered me the one thing I always look for: It was believable.

From the protagonist, to the supporting cast, to the thought process going through their heads, I never once thought This would never happen. Even the plot and events, though they seemed a little out there, were still entirely possible.

Richard Allen did an excellent job using that credibility to his advantage. He did something no novel has ever done to me: He made me want to fall in love again, but that’s not all. Within the same book, he also made me feel the pain of a broken heart. This would never have been possible if Richard Allen was unable to make the story feel realistic. And for that, I commend him.

Synopsis: The story followed John Allen, a computer repairman, that has a violent outburst and loses his job. But that isn’t who John is, not really. John is a victim of emotional and physical abuse from his ex-wife, and when he finally gets away from her, he loses everything else he has. Until he meets Anna.

Tone: There are so many quotes from this novel that I absolutely loved. Richard Allen did an excellent job placing his thoughts into the story. Whether commenting on life, love, or death, I can’t help but feel that Richard Allen knows what it’s all about, and that brought something new to the novel that I’ve never encountered before: The novel felt honest.

Honesty: Every scrap of thought I received from the characters felt honest. Whether it’s how they feel at a particular moment, or how they rationalize their decisions, it all felt true. But honesty plays an even larger role than that, but you’ll have to read the novel to find out what role that is.

Alright, I’ll admit that it seems too good to be true. After all, the only comments I’ve given were positive. But I didn’t dislike any part of this story, and that’s the truth. If it weren’t for my slow reading ability, I never would have set it down. Sure, the story isn’t stuffed full of all of that figurative language you learned about in high school, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, I believe that trying to stuff it with similes, personification, alliteration and hyperboles would have taken away from the story.

My one regret is this: I didn’t wait to read Rumbling Heart until the rest of the trilogy was out. Now I have to wait impatiently for the continuation of the story.

So please, go support Richard Allen by buying his novel on Amazon, Barnes & NobleSmashwords, or in Paperback. If you can’t do that, his short story “Last Night” is available for free on the same sites. Richard Allen is an excellent writer and an excellent person, so don’t hesitate to drop by his Blog or say hello on Twitter.

“Dreams are like butterflies that flutter through our minds while we recover from our lives. Their colors are rich and vibrant at times, and offer us a glimpse into an ideal world where anything is possible.”

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  1. Because I follow Richard on Twitter, this book has been on my mental to-read list, so I was very eager to hear what you thought of it. Great review! The emotional honesty of the narrative sounds amazing.

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