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The Problem with Getting New Books…

So, with Christmas past us and a new year coming, I have a slight problem. I got three new books for Christmas* and I’m trying to fit them on my bookshelf. The problem is that all of my books are … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Scarlet Letter

Alright, I’ll admit that when I began The Scarlet Letter, I hated it. The language is a bit old and it’s a lot to take in at once. It is a hard book to read, especially since Hawthorne thought it … Continue reading

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The Power of Simplicity

Writers use a lot of big things to get points across. They use imagery, personification, metaphors, symbolism, etc, but what about the tiny little things that you may or may not look right past. They lurk, hidden in plain sight … Continue reading

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Protect IP / SOPA

Tomorrow Congress votes on a bill that will censor American Internet and effectively put Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging sites out of business. This removal of our freedom of the press is unconstitutional. Please email and/or call Congress to prevent … Continue reading

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