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The Unreviewable Book: Looking For Alaska

I finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’ve been sitting here for half an hour trying to figure out where to start my book review. My conclusion… it’s impossible to review this book. You just have to take my … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby (A True Classic)

Finally I’ve been given a so-called ‘classic’ novel that I truly enjoyed. Up until now I’ve believed that classics were only classics because they were great for the audience and time period they were written in, but The Great Gatsby … Continue reading

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Dreams in Literature

Dreams are used throughout literature in many different genres, but why use dreams? What purpose do they serve? How do they enhance a novel? In my opinion there are two types of dreams: realistic dreams and nonsense dreams. Realistic Dreams: … Continue reading

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Shooting Stars

I wish upon the shooting stars to swoop down and tame your nightmares, make them mine, not ours. I wish upon the shooting stars to bring the snow so we can share the moment for hours. I wish upon the … Continue reading

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