Book Review: Animal Farm

I read Animal Farm by George Orwell for school the last two weeks. (Yeah, I know that’s a long time for such a short book.) I think it was an interesting book, but I would have preferred that no one told me it was an allegory for the Russian Revolution before I read it. It would have been nice to piece that together myself.

I think it started off a bit dull, but it got a bit more interesting. However, it was very predictable because I know the Russian Revolution pretty well. I do have some minor issues with the story though. I want to know how a group of farm animals acting crazy results in the farmer leaving. If I were a farmer and my animals were trying to kill me, I certainly wouldn’t leave. I would also like to know why on earth the people are not phased by the fact that the animals can talk and why the people are willing to trade with the animals. I just don’t get it.

I would tell you what my friend Dan had to say, but that’s not appropriate at all. My overall opinion?: Read it once and then don’t read it again.

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